Notorious Chain Snatcher Attacks Police, Flees

Notorious Chain Snatcher Attacks Police, Flees

Mangaluru: A policeman was attacked by a notorious chain snatcher at Padil here, on July 7.

The accused has been identified as Tousif Nihal.

According to the police, Tousif Nihal is a notorious chain snatcher involved in various chain snatching cases. A warrant has been issued for his arrest. On July 7, the CCB police had been waiting to nab Tousif after receiving information that he was coming to the city. When he reached near Padil, CCB police officer Sunil Kumar tried to nab him but Tousif took out a sharp weapon and attacked Sunil.

Sunil, to defend himself fired a shot in the air. Immediately, Tousif escaped from the spot. Sunil Kumar’s shirt was torn in the attack.

A case has been registered in the Mangaluru Rural Police Station and search is on for Tousif.


  1. This is the problem with our police – fired a shot in the air to defend himself – how ridiculous!

    The policeman should have shot the notorious chain snatcher in self-defence.

    That would have closed his record for chain snatching for good.

  2. :…to defend himself fired a shot in the air” – report on a police who was attacked by a criminal with sharp weapon!!

    Great!! I guess our Police got all of their training from old kannada movies where Police always fired in the air!!! tishhoom….tishooom….remember those revolvers? LOL My sincere request to Police – If you ever have to face one of those terrorists next time, do not risk your life by firing at clouds in sky!! Either aim at the criminal or run for your life!!

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