Now, app to help you get quick answers

Mumbai, June 19 (IANS) A new social polling app may help you choose your favourite holiday destination, movie preference and a lot of other questions that come to your mind everyday.

The app, Whatsay, may help you get answers quickly from a community or a close-knit group of friends.

Whatsay combines visual imagery and social polling together.

“Whatsay is a social polling app that makes polls lively and fun to share. It is the perfect mobile companion for Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp,” said co-founder Raghu Bathina.

Developed by Neuv Pvt. Ltd, an Indian start-up, Whatsay allows users to create and send visual polls across 25 categories to their friends through WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and Gmail.

“Create a poll on Whatsay and immediately tweet it, share it on your Facebook wall or to a WhatsApp group,” he added.

All polls and poll-results can be instantly shared on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and Gmail and the polls can also be embedded into any website or blog. Even users without the app can participate in a shared poll.

Whatsay will benefit both consumers and businesses. Consumers get a platform where they can create and share polls with friends and neighbours. While businesses get a mobilefirst platform where they can engage and get feedback from their users in a new and interesting way on mobile.

“Whatsay is made in India and it demonstrates out-of-the-box thinking which is required to create powerful social platforms that rival global companies,” said co-founder Sridhar Gadhi.

The app is now available on Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store.

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