Oman Tulever to Present Manikantha Mahime on Oct 14

Oman Tulever to Present Manikantha Mahime on Oct 14

Oman Tuluver, comprising of ardent enthusiasts of art, culture and sports, organised a get-together and many members from the various communities well attended the event.

Ramanand Shetty, on behalf of Oman Tuluver, welcomed the august gathering of the guests from various communities of Tulunadu and introduced the organizing committee of five members, namely, Ramanand Shetty, Padmakar Mendon, Sudhir Shetty, Arun Poojary and Rajesh Shetty.

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Majan Events, in association with Oman Tuluver, will present “Manikantha Mahime”, a Kannada Yakshagana, on Friday, October 14, 2016, at The Grand Hall Al Falaj Hotel, Muscat, which is their maiden cultural event for the year 2016.

Oman Tuluver commenced the proceedings with the traditional lighting of the florally decorated lamp by Laxmi Narayana Acharya, Shanker Shetty, S.K. Poojary, Ramesh Shettigar, Prakash Naik, Vivian, Seetharam Achar, Narasimha Nayak, Shukur, Ganesh, Santosh and Chinmaya Sherigar.

The other members namely, Shashidhar Shetty, Divakar Shetty, Ashok Suvarna, Dr Anchan C K., Niranjan Shettigar, Nagesh Shetty, Nagendra Kumar, Manjunath Nayak and Srinivas Shriyan were unable to attend the function, but have conveyed their support and best wishes to Oman Tuluver.

The beautifully designed Logo of Oman Tuluver, depicting the essence of Tuluva culture was inaugurated.

Oman Tuluver proudly announced their activities by their Help centre. They congratulated Sunil Shetty and Suraj Shetty.

Oman Tuluver, got the colorful flyer of the Yakshagana prasanga “Manikantha Mahime”., released by the members of the various communities, namely Ganesh Shetty, Arunakar Shetty, Guru Prasad Amin, Ravindra Achar, Shekar Shetty,Jayaram Rao, S.D.T. Prasad, Moideen and Melwyn.

The ticket copies were released by the following members – Rathnakar Acharya, Mahabala Mendon, Damodar Shetty, Gangadhar Poojary, Karunakar Rao, Ramanand Kunder, Dr Ranjan, Monabba and Pradeep Alva.

Oman Tuluver is highly elated by the wholehearted support and encouragement by the response and enthusiasm expressed and displayed by the members and art lovers here.

Artistes of the Yakshagana ballet “Manikantha Mahime” The well renowned exponent Bhagavathar, Patla Sathish Shetty, will regale the audience with his Classique renditions, along with the other renowned artistes Akshay Kumar Marnad, Laxman Marakada, Kishore Gatti, Prashanth Vogenadu, Gangadhar Shettigar, Shekar Shettigar, Girish Kumar, Sharath Poojary and artistes from Yakshamitra Troupe, Dubai.  On behalf of Oman Tuluver, Ramanand Shetty thanked each and every one immensely and counted on every support .


  1. Well conducted launching ceremony. Commendable effort. Involving representatives from all communities of coastal Karnataka is an excellent initiative. All the very best to Oman Tuluver and looking forward to the maiden event of Yakshagana.

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