One dead, three Critical after Gas Tanker Rams into truck

One dead, three Critical after Gas Tanker Rams into truck

Udupi: A gas tanker rammed into a parked 407 truck, killing a person on the spot at Thekkatte here on July 30.

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According to primary reports, on July 30, a 407 vehicle was parked on the side of the road at Thekkatte. A gas tanker plying from Maharastra to Mangaluru crashed into the parked vehicle and dragged it for quite a distance. Later the tanker crashed into a compound wall and came to a halt before hitting four people who were sitting in front of the shop.

One person died on the spot and the other three who were injured were rushed to the Manipal hospital. The deceased has been identified as Annappa. The identity of the injured is not yet known.

Kota police have reached the spot and registered a case.

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