Oomen Chandy holds weekly ‘durbar’ on yoga day

Kottayam (Kerala), June 21 (IANS) Kerala Chief Minister Oomen Chandy did not do yoga on the International Yoga Day on Sunday and rather chose to hold his routine public ‘durbar’.

Around 500 people gathered outside Oomen Chandy’s ancestrol home early morning. But they wanted to apprise their leader with their grievances and requests instead of asking him to perform yoga.

The Sunday morning ‘durbar’ is a practice that he has been following for several decades.

Around 6.30 a.m., Chandy drove into his home but without any security cover because he has been in the midst of his electorate in Puthupally constituency ever since he was elected from there way back in 1970.

Soon there was a crowd of people that surged around him with applications and documents as everyone wanted to get near to him.

Asked if Chandy would not do yoga, one of his aide replied helping people in solving their problems makes him more energetic than performing yoga.

“This is his strength and for him this gives him more energy than yoga, as he is standing in the midst of his electorate hearing their woes and tries to solve their problems. It provides a lot more than anything else,” the aide said.

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