Opt for substitutes for fried snacks in monsoon

New Delhi, July 11 (IANS) It’s pouring and all you crave is fried snacks like pakodas and samosas but consuming all that isn’t healthy. Look for healthy substitutes instead, says an expert.

Vijayant Rawat, executive chef of Mosaic Hotel, Noida, shares a list of a few healthy snacks you can munch on in monsoon:

* Chakli: Chakli, a fried South Indian snack prepared from rice flour, is one of the favourites of many as it goes well with a steaming cup of tea.
Substitute: Sprout salad! To satisfy your taste buds, you can add chopped onion, cucumber and lime juice.

* Samosa: Whether it’s raining or not, samosa is loved by many, thanks to the delicious stuffing and its aroma.
Substitute: Instead of frying, you can bake the samosa. Very less oil is used in the process. In the same way, you can try aloo chat and tikki.

* Pakodas: Be it onion, potatoto or spinach, pakodas are addictive especially in the rainy season. They also make a perfect combination with tea.
Substitute: By retaining the vegetables, you can make sandwiches with brown bread.

* Chole bhature: Chole bhature have managed to get some space in the heart of every Indian.
Substitute: Replace the oily food item with pav bhaji, made from finely chopped vegetables. Cook in less oil to make it healthy.

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