Oratorial Skills of Politicians Always Win Votes


Oratorial skills are a politician?s mighty weapon. The master orator always attract crowds and fan following. They are the toast of the town!  During any political rally, election campaign, the master orator Is always the star speaker. His speech will be the last speech of the day.
The trick is to make the audience wait till the last. If the star speaker gives his speech early, then the audience will be reduced to half!
One of the great orators the country has seen, George Fernandes had a great gift of the gab ! He could enthrall his audience for hours, be it in Hindi, Marathi, his mother tongue Konkani or even in English. He drove crowds in hordes to his speeches. Same could be said of late Balasaheb Thakre.
He united the Maharashtrian manoos who had gone astray. The mill workers who lost their jobs got government jobs. His weapon, his oratorial skills. He could mobilize support from the youth, adults alike with his fiery speeches. This made the young and young adults take to the street. They went berserk on the street upon calling by their god.
The incited mob went on a rampage and brought the successive state governments to their knees. The demands were met. Bala saheb and his party men were happy. Also the followers, supporters were delighted.
These repeated oratorial hammerings most of the time brought unexpected results too. This created a law and order situation for the Maharashtra government and also  put pressure on Mumbai?s police Comissionerate.
The Master orator Balasaheb could not be arrested as Mumbai will burn. Only courageous person in the history of Mumbai was, Chagan Bhujbal who could reportedly put the Tiger behind bars for a merely two hours. Then he secured bail. But, there was no violence. The home ministry was headed by Bhujbal, and he left no stone unturned to see that not even small skirmishes happened on the streets of Mumbai or elsewhere. Raj Thakre has taken after his uncle and is a master orator himself!! He speaks in chaste Marathi and enthralls the audience whole over Maharashtra.
Sharad Pawar is not a great speaker, but knows the Indian politics and the administration as well as is excellent in foreign policy monitoring. His suggestions, allegations or problem solving skills are lapped up by the crowd. So, even though He is not a great orator, as He has proved in Maharashtra and at Delhi, how good an administrator that He is, people throng to lend an ear to him.
Nehru was not a great orator, but could manage to convince people. He had a mass following, maybe He was the first Prime Minister of India, people thronged to listen to him. He could make his points, views register in the minds of the people. But, compared to him, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was a great orator. He could aggressively hold fort and the masses loved his speeches with gestures and animated slogans etc. He was a crowd puller too.
Mahatma Gandhi was a skilled speaker, but with a soft demeanour. One could sense the stubbornness in him while dictating terms to the British Raj! He was soft spoken, but determined and aggressive in putting practice to preaching. The crowd followed him to his Dandi yatras, Quit India movements, Simon go back agitation and several other protest marches. Thus, even he did not have mastery in oratorical skills, still he was the chosen one for the Indian populace as they saw in him a great leader who could liberate India!
Lal Bhahdur Shashtri managed to attract crowd with his slogans. He had his own way of seeking attention from the crowd. Lok Manya Balgangadhar Tilak was a great orator. British wanted to silence his guns. They arrested and put him behind bars for several years in Mandalay prison, in today?s Myanmar. He was a fiery writer too. His animated speeches made the crowd turn violent and furious against the British.
Indira Gandhi was an excellent orator. Being the Iron lady that she was, more women flocked to listen to her. She could speak like a man. She could go on and on till the crowd go berserk  and were ready to get into any trouble for her. She had great convincing powers over the masses. Though, she could barely be able to convince her adversaries such as Morarji Desai, Jagjivan Ram, Charan Singh, Brahmananda Reddy or any other political heavyweights during her tenure.
Her sheer guts in standing up to the Pakistan- Bangla problem, The emergency era, the Henry Kissinger, Nixon needling, Bhutto?s empty threats and the challenges she faced from the regional political heavy weights be it from her party or the opposition, She stood tall in front of all of them!! Her mastery in oratory was accepted widely by the Indian populace and the opposition parties alike!! 
Vajpayee was an ace orator. He could unsettle the opposition or the ruling parties with his witty rhetoric on whichever side he was! He could with his gestures of hands and skillful mastery in Hindi completely swiped the crowd off its feet!! The masses lined up to listen to his doctrines. They went home happy after his speech that they could look forward to a new beginning. So as Advani, Sushma Swaraj, Kapil Sibel who know how to attract the audience.
In today?s times, we have two strong contenders for the master oratory prize. They are- None other than Narendra Modi and the inimitable Arvind Kejriwal. They have a style of their own. They cover maximum points, issues, solutions to problem in their speeches. They make the crowd listen to them. They bring facts and figures in front of the populace and the crowd goes gag a over them!! The masses get a new dosage every now and then and that makes the adrenalin getting pumped into them!!
But, there is slight problem!!
Modi has been in power for 15 years and has proved to the state of Gujarat that come what may, He is an able administrator and he would like to march to Delhi and rule India. Fine, Time will tell! We will wait.
But, Kejriwal is doubtfully not the right person for Indian politics. He wants single simple majority for his party which is not possible always!! The political parties come together in post poll alliance to avoid trouble for the Indian voter and to save tax payers? money. But, the adamant person that Kejriwal is, he will go for another election. He should get into an alliance and rule Delhi and show that he means business!! Whatever He had preached he should put into practice.
Or else the same masses who gave him 28 seats in Delhi will rue the day they succumbed to his empty rhetoric and witty, nastiest remarks on Shiela Dixit, Sonia Gandhi, Rahul and the BJP stalwarts. He will become a farcical element from the cult status He enjoys now!! So, Arvind Kejriwal, please do not displease the crowd who have voted for you and your party in Delhi also the Indians who watched your speeches on all television news channels day in and day out!!
Please form government in Delhi and prove to all that you could even rule better than your speeches!!

About The Author

Donald D’silva is an advertising professional working with an IT  marketing consultancy firm with global operations. He has been a filmy buff right from childhood and in his early career worked as a cub reporter with filmi glossies, dailies as crime correspondent. Having far reaching network with entertainment industry, of Mumbai, he would like to bring his knowledge and knowhow of filmi happenings, history, the gory details of stars’ lives of Bollywood and current happenings of Mumbai in the world of crime to our readers.

Author: Donald DSilva- Mumbai