Oregon becomes fourth US state to legalise marijuana

Washington, July 2 (IANS) Oregon in northwestern US became the fourth state in the country to legalise marijuana for recreational purposes.

The development follows a measure, directly approved by voters in November last year, and which entered into force on Wednesday, Efe news agency reported.

Oregon, with a population of around four million and a strong progressive tradition, joined the states of Washington, Colorado and Alaska in allowing cultivation and possession of marijuana.

Anyone aged 21 years or above can legally possess up to eight ounces of dried marijuana flowers, smoke it in private spaces, share with other people and grow up to four plants for personal consumption.

On November 4, 2014, coinciding with the US legislative elections, Oregon voted in favour of Measure 91, which legalises possession, cultivation and sale of marijuana.

The measure was approved with 56 percent votes in favour and 44 percent against it.

All four US states had legalised the recreational use of marijuana through popular voting.

Smoking cannabis in public spaces remains illegal and its sale will not be legalised in the state until next year when the Oregon Liquor Control Commission is expected to greenlight it.

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