Oswald D’Souza Valencia’s Volume 8

Oswald D’Souza Valencia’s Volume 8

Now on the stands…

Gavyam Devak Dhinvasumya
(Let’s Sing in God’s Praise)
An album of Konkani devotional music

Dedicated to Rev Fr Walter Albuquerque SJ, the Musical Legend, in his 93rd year of life, in recognition of and appreciation for his enormous, yet selfless, service to the society and unparalleled contribution to the field of music.

Lyrics, tunes and music: Oswald DSouza Valencia
Lyrics finetuned by:         A L Monis and Richard Lasrado
Orchestration:                  M V Anil
Harmonization:                Joel Pereira
Recordimg:                       Sandesha Digital Studio, Mangaluru by by Joel Pereira
Mixing and mastering:    CAD Media, Mangaluru by Shinoy V Joseph


Vocals: Oswald DSouza, Dr Prashanth Raj, Joseph Pinto, Dixon Rodrigues, Stephen Cutinha, Prathvi Raj, Richard Lasrado, Anitha D’Souza, Edith D’Souza, Shilpa Cutinha, Sudha Prashanth Raj and Raina Prisca Andrade

Alto: Edith D’Souza
Tenor: Stephen Cutinha and Joseph Pinto

An exquisite bouquet of 20 melodious offerings with

  • Inspiring lyrics
  • Lilting music
  • Soul-stirring performances
  • Innovative presentation

An album every home should have, to listen to in concentration and feel a blessed experience. A new kind of music which you will cherish for a long time to come!

Get your copy from any of the regular outlets in Mangaluru, Mumbai and Goa.

Other contacts:

Jerry +91 99806 88793
Alwyn – Melody Master : + 91 99013 19644

A L Monis +91 97691 59555

With best wishes from friends and well-wishers

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