Over 2,760 migrants died in Mediterranean in 2015: Report

Geneva (IANS/EFE) More than 2,760 immigrants have died so far this year in their attempt to cross the Mediterranean, an increase of 500 cases compared with the same period last year, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) said on Tuesday.

In the first four days of September, 58 immigrants died trying to reach European shores.

The total number of casualties includes 2,630 people who departed from Libyan and Tunisian coasts, while 105 others perished between Turkey and Greece and 25 migrants died in the Strait of Gibraltar.

In total, 378,343 people have reached European shores in 2015, including 256,458 in Greece, 119,619 in Italy, 2,166 in Spain and 100 in Malta.

Data showed that Greece received 88,204 Syrians, 32,414 Afghans, 9,713 Albanians, 9,445 Pakistanis and 5,421 Iraqis.

Immigrants arriving to the Italian coasts included 25,657 Eritreans, 11,899 Nigerians, 7,538 Somalis, 5,658 Sudanese and 5,495 Syrians.

IOM noted that unaccompanied minors who managed to reach the Italian coasts were mostly Eritreans, followed by Syrians and Somalis.

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