Pakistan court summons Edhi in Geeta’s case

Islamabad, Aug 30 (IANS) A Pakistan court has summoned Edhi Foundation chairman Abdul Sattar Edhi on an application filed by an Indian lawyer seeking the custody of a deaf and mute woman.

Geeta has been brought up at Edhi Home where she has been living for the past 13 years.

She was found sitting on Samjhauta Express in Lahore and police believed that she had come from India after crossing the Wagah border on board the train.

Momineen Malik, an Indian lawyer and social worker, moved an application under Section 552 (power to compel restoration of abducted females) of the criminal procedure code, asking for the custody of Geeta to hand her over to her parents in India, reported Dawn online.

He named the founder of Edhi Foundation, and others as respondents in the application.

The district and sessions court on Saturday issued notice to the respondents with direction to appear in court along with the woman on Monday.

The judge also asked a teacher of a deaf and dumb school to attend the hearing in order to communicate the statement of the deaf and mute Geeta.

On August 6, a deaf and mute couple from Amritsar claimed that Geeta was their daughter.

The couple conveyed to the Hindustan Times daily that the girl being raised by Edhi Foundation in Karachi was their daughter.

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