People in Mexico attempt selfie world record

New York, June 15 (IANS) Nearly 2,000 people in Mexico City on June 13 attempted to create a world record for the most number of consecutive selfies taken at a place.

Participants gathered at the site of a monument in Mexico City and took selfies, one after the other, in the hope of setting a world record, The Telegraph reported.

Actually, the participants had started out to break the US record for the most number of people in one selfie – which stands at 2,997 people – but the organisers had to alter their plans at the last moment.

The Guinness official who attended the event was reported as saying that the organisers were not properly set up to attempt to break that record.

Event organisers then improvised and attempted to establish the world record for most consecutive selfies taken at one place. Results for that record attempt have not yet been released.

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