People participate with gusto in Kesard Onji Dina

People participate with gusto in Kesard Onji Dina

Pics by Shijith Kumar

Udupi: The Kesard Onji Dina (a day in slushy waters) showcased rural sports of the region in their glory and splendour at Alevoor village here, on Sunday, July 3.The annual event was organised by the Udupi Zilla Panchayat, Sports and Youth Affairs Department and Lions Club 317C District along with Sarvajanika Ganeshotshav Samithi of Alevoor.

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Games that were played on the occasion included volleyball, tug of war, running race and running backwards, in the slushy waters of the fields. Everyone enthusiastically took part without giving much importance to the outcome.

Speaking to, Manajanna Shetty, president of Sarvajanika Ganeshotshav Samiti, said that the samiti has been organising ‘Kesard Onji Dina’ from the past 11 years and the participants have been increasing over the years. “The younger generation, which is too much into the modern world, does not know about the rain, wet fields and wet mud. In order to bring awareness and encourage participation of the younger generations in our traditional rural sports, games and agricultural activities, we conduct Kesard Onji Dina,” he added.

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Ullas Alevoor, an engineering student who currently studies in Bengaluru, specially came to participate in Kesard Onji Dina. Speaking to, he said, “We can enjoy any games by paying money in Bengaluru but this kind of enjoyment is available only in our hometown. I love to play in slushy water fields,” he added.

People were served a rural meal of ganji, pickles, chutney, and huruli saaru for afternoon lunch.

Pramod Madhwaraj (district minister in-charge), Dinakar Babu (president, Udupi Zilla Panchayat) and Vinay Kumar Sorake (MLA, Kaup) visited the sports premises and congratulated the organisers.


    • Hope Praveena Pinto had some fun rolling in slushy field. – RampA

      Oh man… I sure did! I met ALL your namma kudlada daiji’s – Shenoys, ‘Pai’s’, Kamath’s, Shanbhogue’s, Bhandarkar’s, Kinni’s, etc. We had SO much fun rolling in that slushy field. Pulling their legs in that slush was SUCH fun. Soooo slippery.

      All of them missed you.. they pitied you and in fact, they said – poor fellow.. he is shoveling snow .. breaking his back….when he should be having fun. Say, you wanna say hi to them?

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