People Threatening to enter Udupi Math are Agents of Muslims and Christians – Muthalik

People Threatening to enter Udupi Math are Agents of Muslims and Christians – Muthalik

Mangaluru: The Chief of Sri Rama Sene Pramod Muthalik was in the city to appear before the court here on October 19.

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Muthalik speaking to the mediapersons said that during the Chalo Udupi held on October 9, one of the speakers had threatened to enter the Udupi Math if the Pankti Bheda was not stopped within two months. If they enter Udupi, they will not go back, they will go to jail. Last year after much opposition the government observed Tippu Jayanti disturbing the peace in the state. If not opposed tomorrow the government will even observe Osama bin Laden and Aurangzeb Jayanti, warned Muthalik.

The government is creating confusion among the public for publicity. If they are really secular and if they have courage, let them enter the Mosques where women are not being treated fairly and not allowed to enter the Mosque. These people speaking on the issues of temples are not speaking on what is happening in Churches and Mosques. They are agents of the Muslims and Christians, they are giving such statements for publicity and nothing else they have been exposed, said Muthalik.


  1. “People threatening Udupi Math are agents of Muslims and Christians” – Muthalik, Why do you embarrass yourself and all others when you paint everyone with one broad brush. It is people like you who make those outrageous statements and the rest are left to explain your actions.

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