People’s faith in our work renewed our vigour: Modi

New Delhi, May 28 (IANS) Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said that as people increasingly repose faith in the work done by his government, his enthusiasm to work for them also increased.

“Over the last 15 days, the work of the government of India is being very carefully analysed and all aspects are being seen closely. In the process, we have got renewed faith and enthusiasm,” Modi said while speaking at an event to mark two years of his government.

“As the blessings by people are increasing, so is our enthusiasm”, he said at the ‘Ek Nayee Subah’ event at India Gate here.

Taking a swipe at the opposition, the prime minister said that over the last few days, “two things have emerged. One is ‘Vikasvad’ (development) and the other is ‘Virodhvad’ (opposition)”.


  1. The export volume has decline-FDI is down 4 billion dollars in 2016 when compared with 2015-even1/3 of the engineering graduates are having job opening. The starting salaries have declined, the salary level of the employed is declined due to the salary cutting in the corporations of India. The mega corporations are showing decline in profit. So, the accomplishment are very envying in two years. The beef exports has increased which is very commendable.

    Indeed, in two years, the people’s faith in the BJP Government has tripled, thus the aachi din has landed at the lap earlier than anticipated.

  2. This is sycophancy at its worst. Making all the West Bengal Congress MLAs to sign bonds owing allegiance to Congress led by Sonia and Rahul Gandhi shows the lack of confidence of that party and its feudalistic mindset. I am referring to both mother and son.

    I can tolerate any sort of people, but not people who are corrupt and robbers. Rajiv Gandhi made mind-boggling amounts in the Bofors artillery gun scandal and did not issue the telex request when the Swedish Government was ready to divulge names and complete information about people who had received kickbacks and had these monies deposited in Swiss banks. From the media reports, it appears the names of Sonia Gandhi, other politicians, middle-men, etc. appears in arms purchases. Why only preference to Italian military hardware, even when they were inferior?

    I have always said that both Sonia and Rahul Gandhis are misfits to rule the Congress and, at this rate, an obituary will have to be written about this party. India needs to large parties and with Congress shrinking by the day, I hope at least A.A.P. takes over.

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