PFI demands Arrest of Ananth Hedge for Remarks against Islam

Udupi: MP Ananth Kumar Hedge’s incompetency led him to give statement against Islam said Abdul Rehman Malpe. He was speaking at a protest organized by Popular Front of India demanding the arrest of UK MP Ananth Hedge for his statement saying “Terrorism cannot be defeated until Islam exists”. The protest was organized in front of the Clock Tower here on March 7.

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Ananth Hegde has won in 5 elections; his incompetency led him to give a statement against Islam. BJP knows the incompetency of Ananth Hegde. His statement indicates that he is not for peace in the society, he added.

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Riyaz Korangipete said that Ananth Hedge’s statement can be termed as anti-national. We respect and love our country and the people of the country know about Islam, Hegde need not lecture us on Islam. The Government of Karnataka should detain Hegde, such people will ruin the society. It seems to be the influence of RSS that has led Hegde to make such a statement. We have initiated the post card campaign where one should urge the Governor to initiate action against Hegde, he added.

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  1. After seeing these reports and responses on this forum, one has to really wonder why is it that minorities are overwhelmingly siding with anti-nationals?

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