Please save the seals.

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See how cute the seals are?.

Norway and Canada have a new kind of sport.
Now see the new sport?.

Do you call it a sport???
They kill baby seals just for fun!!!!
They call it ?killing of baby seals?.
If you feel it is right, then see down.

Tell me what kind of sport is it???

Who are we to decide about their life and death? We are not GOD!!!!

We are the only hope for them?.
If this continues they all will die.

If someone whacks hard on your head, won?t you feel pain.
Yes, the same thing they also feel.
They are also living.
The only difference is they are seals and can?t fight back and we are human beings and can fight back.
If you still feel it is a good sports then see down.

They are alone.

Please help them. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
They never harmed us. Or else, when you and your children saw it, they might get scared.

We should ?LIVE AND LET LIVE?.
We should make posters, tell others about it, send E-mails, write articles etc.
We should save them somehow.

Author: ifrah irshad- Qatar

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