PM Modi misleading farmers – Amrith Shenoy

PM Modi misleading farmers – Amrith Shenoy

Udupi: The Congress Kissan cell held a protest against the Modi led union government for initiating an online system for agriculture crop insurance, at the Clock Tower here, on Tuesday, July 12.


Addressing the protesters, Congress leader Amrith Shenoy said that ever since the BJP came to power at the centre, prices of essential commodities have gone up. “Before the election, Narendra Modi had promised in his election rallies to provide all essential commodities at a cheaper rate. But now the price of food grains like dal, tomato and others have been hiked and the people are feeling cheated,” said Shenoy.

While campaigning for the Lok Sabha elections, Modi had assured to Indian citizens that if voted to power, the NDA would bring back black money. “Modi had even said that it was possible to deposit Rs 15 lakh in the bank accounts of each citizen after the black money was brought back from abroad. He has failed to fulfill pre-poll promises. The union government is not taking any action to control the price of essential commodities,” he added.

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Shenoy further said that when Rome was burning, Nero was playing his fiddle and the same situation can be witnessed in Kashmir, which has been burning for the last week with violence. “The people of Kashmir are awaiting the support of the union government but Modi is busy with beating drums in Africa and tours of foreign countries. The people are in need of the government’s support but our Prime Minister is busy on foreign tours. The people of India will teach a very good lesson to Modi in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.”

Critising the New Crop Insurance bill introduced by the NDA government, Shenoy claiming the bill as “fully unscientific”, said, “Through this bill, farmers will have to fill applications online. In most of the villages, there is no facility for online application. Farmers will not be able to do online registrations.”

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He also said that the NDA government had removed the clause requiring permission of 80 per cent of the people in a village in Land Acquisition bill that was introduced by the UPA government. “Irrigated land is given to industrialists at a cheap rate. Modi was misleading the farmers by claiming that his government was not harming their interests. Narendra Modi of cheating farmers by aggressively promoting takeover of their lands and selling them to corporate companies,” he said.

Congress leader Harish Kini said that while campaigning for the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, Narendra Modi had made several pro-people promises including bringing back black money and depositing Rs 15 lakh in every Indian’s bank account, employment for youth, and hiking minimum support prices for the farmer’s produce. “Modi has failed to keep his promises to the people but he is continuously helping his friends of five corporate companies,” he added.

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Neere Krishna Shetty, Keerthi Shetty, Mallika Shetty, Sundar Poojary, Janardhan Bhandarkar, Elluru Shashidhar Shetty, Chandrashekar Shetty and others were present.


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