Poland to host 2016 NATO Summit

Warsaw, Oct 28 (IANS) The Polish government has agreed on the plan of action concerning the preparation of the NATO Summit that will take place in Warsaw on July 8-9 2016.

The main agenda of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) Summit will focus on the role of NATO in the European and global security and emphasise the importance of adjusting the NATO strategies to challenges and insecurities of the modern world, Xinhua reported on Tuesday.

This includes the strengthening of the NATO presence at its eastern flank, development of the relevant infrastructure, improving effectiveness of the NATO leadership.

Tomasz Siemioniak, Polish Minister of National Defence, pointed out that NATO should be “360 degree organisation”, which sees and responds equally to insecurities emanating from all sides of the globe.

By organising the Summit, Poland wishes to demonstrate its commitment to the organisation as well as Poland’s credibility as one of the NATO members, emphasised the Governmental Information Center.

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