Police finally come to help of UP’s woman-only news network

Lucknow (IANS) After reporters of women-run news network “Khabar Lahariya” in Uttar Pradesh’s Banda faced months of stalking and harassment by a serial caller, police have finally come to their aid – after orders from higher-ups – and the accused has been arrested.

In a press conference here, “Khabar Lahariya” editor Kavita said after orders from senior officials, police in Banda in the state’s Bundelkhand region took action to trace and capture the accused.

Kavita said the action was delayed, yet appreciated police’s prompt and sensitive action.

Meera, the chief of operations, said there was a need for systems of security, like the 1090 helpline, to be more efficient and accountable, as well the environment to report cases of harassment to be more enabling.

Since January this year, five members of the publication were repeatedly harassed by an unknown caller, who identified himself as Nishu.

Despite a complaint, the matter, according to Kavita, was not taken seriously and brushed off as an “ordinary” case until orders from higher officials.

The accused, Saddam alias Nishu, was arrested on Tuesday, shortly after orders from the state government.

Uttar Pradesh Police chief Jagan Mohan Yadav said changing mindsets in local police stations was the “challenge”.

“Many efforts are being done for women’s safety, such as the 1090 helpline. The challenge is in changing mindsets in police stations in the districts,” the director general of police said in a statement.

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