Polish champion retrieves gold medal after drunken celebrations

Beijing, Aug 25 (IANS) Poland’s Pawel Fajdek, who won the men’s hammer throw title at the world athletics championships here on Sunday, retrieved his gold medal with the assistance of police, a media report said on Tuesday.

Fajdek, who made a throw of 80.88 meters to finish atop at the world championships, lost his gold medal while returning to his hotel after having a celebration dinner at a restaurant on Sunday, Chinese news portal Tencent reported.

According to Tencent, Fajdek drunk too much in the dinner and reported the medal drop to police when he found he had lost it back to hotel.

With the help of policemen, the gold medal was retrieved from a taxi driver, who said that Fajdek was willing to pay his fare with the medal when the Polish got off the taxi on Sunday night.

It’s confirmed from Polish reporters that Fajdek had drunk a lot in the celebration party on Sunday.

Fajdek, born in 1989 and the youngest defending champion of this discipline, dominated 2015 top 9 throws, including his personal best of 83.93.

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