Positive Side of WhatsApp – Boy Left behind at Beach Traced

Mangaluru: Cases of some anti-social elements using social media and tools like WhatsApp are on the rise, at an alarming rate.

However, in many cases, communication through WhatsApp has been found to be so beneficial. A few years ago, a child was left behind by a family in a bus stand in Kasaragod, while in a hurry to catch a bus.

A social worker’s flash message on WhatsApp helped the family to get the child back within hours.

A similar case was repeated at the Tannirbavi beach on Thursday. Mansoor of Kudroli had bought a new car and to celebrate the new arrival with a joy-ride, he had been to the beach in Tannirbavi.

When returning, one of the children, a four-year-old boy was left behind on the beach. He was found wailing by Hussein of Suratkal. He was being pacified by others.

Hussein clicked a photograph of the boy on his mobile and circultated it on WhatsApp. The police from Panambur were also informed.

Mansoor noticed that one of the children was missing only after reaching home. He got the message through one of the WhatsApp groups.

He rushed back to Tannirbavi. With the help of the police, the boy was reunited with the family within two hours.

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