Prajwal Kumar Crowned Best Inventor at Made in Mangaluru

Made in Mangaluru, presented by Landmark Infratech, an initiative by Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM, the largest search ever for Mangaluru’s greatest invention crowned its best inventor this year with a judges choice award. The main event took place on the 15 August, 2015 on the grand occasion of the 69th Independence Day of India at the Forum Fiza Mall, one of Mangaluru’s renowned attractions.

Made in Mangaluru winner (1)

The top 13 inventions at the event were Prajwal V Kumar with the invention of the Power Tiller, Sitesh C Govind with the invention of Typography (Art), John Isac D’Souza with the invention of a vehicle that moves with weight on wheels, Ignatius Orwin Noronha with the invention of Mozziquit Mosquito Trap, AXNDX Technologies with the invention of a Smart Plug, MITE Team with the invention of a Microcontroller based Ghat Road Traffic Control & Surveillance, GAAMA Team with the invention of the VTU Syllabus mobile application, Rakesh G. & Team with the invention of a Writing Robot, Team Lifetronics with the invention of Farm Fresh & Direct application, Anurag PK who was also the youngest contestant at the event with the invention of Automatic Sprinkler System used in farming, Team DTLABZ with the invention of a Smart Helmet, Santhosh Devadiga with the invention of an Electronic Communication and Sayyed Shahid Sameer with the invention of the S-product.

The event was opened by RJ Arpith and was followed by an opening prayer by Dr Nitin Acharya. RJ Kiran briefed the contestants about the event which then led to the commencement of the demonstration of the inventions. The judges for the event were well known personalities from Mangaluru, Dr K V Rao – Director of Pilikula Regional Science Centre, Manohar Prasad – Chief of News Bureau of Udayavani and Soumya Sudhindra Rao – Founder and Director at Nrithya Sudha.

The event was graced by the presence of Mangaluru’s very own personalities, Member of Parliament Nalin Kumar Kateel, Uday Nayak – Assistant Commissioner of Police (Traffic), Yatish Baikampady – CEO of Panambur Beach, Yatish Alva – Tulu Film Director and Sudarshan. Team Velocity and DNA Musical Strands, Dr Nitin Acharya were special attractions at the event.

The entire team of Radio Mirchi was present at the event including S Shiva – Station Head, RJ Vicky – Programming Head, RJ Arpith & RJ Kiran, Account Managers – Gautham Bhat, Sudev Gowda, Leanza D’Souza and Kavery Nayak – First Impression Manager.

The event ended with the most anticipated moment of the evening, Prajwal V Kumar with the invention of the Power Tiller bagged the judge’s choice award. Mangaluru was looking out for the greatest invention and ended up finding 13 great inventions this year.


  1. Steve King, the Congressman, offended some people when he said Western civilization has made more contributions than other civilizations.

    Can EYT readers refute his argument? Here is a list of contributions from various civilizations.

    Notable Black inventions: Toy water canon, Motown, coffee (debatable)

    Notable East Asian inventions: Toothbrush, gun powder, gunpowder artillery (cannon), coal-burning heat, magnetic compass, silk, paper, noodle, block printing, porcelain, mechanical clock (debatable), abacus calculator, paper money

    Notable Arab inventions: Algebra (debatable)

    Notable Aboriginal (Australia) inventions: Boomerang

    Notable Aboriginal (Americas) inventions: Tobacco cultivation and processing, corn cultivation

    Notable South Asian inventions: Zero, Yoga, Flush Toilets(Mohenjadaro)

    Notable White inventions:

    aerosol can, air conditioning, automotive airbag, airplane, airship, alphabet (Yep. Phoenicians were white.), American sign language, animation (films), answering machine, amusement park, aspartame, aspirin, assembly line, astrolabe, AstroTurf, audiotape, ATMs, automobile, asphalt pavement, prepared baby food, flat-bottomed paper bag, Bakelite, ball bearing, balloon, adhesive bandage, bar code, barbed wire, barometer, battery, bicycle, blood bank, home freezer, blow dryer, atomic energy applications, Braille system, bra, bread slicing machine, button, buttonhole, calculator, calculus, Gregorian calendar, flee collar, camcorder, camera, movie camera, tin can, can opener, candle, canning, carbon-14 dating, cardboard and corrugated, cash register, cat litter, mail-order catalog, cellophane, cement, concrete, cereal flakes, chewing gum, chocolate candy, chronometer, pendulum clock, quartz clock, cloning, drip coffee, Styrofoam decaf coffee, coins, compact disc (CD), computed tomography (CT scan, CAT scan), digital computer, laptop computer, network television, adhesive labels, personal computer, reinforced concrete, latex condom, geometry, contact lenses, oral contraceptives, hybrid corn, bologna, White Out, grocery coupon, crayons, cream separator, credit card, crossword puzzle, DDT, defibrillator, dentures, metal detector, smoke alarm, artificial diamond, disposable diaper, DVD, dishwasher, DNA fingerprinting, doughnut, revolving door, drinking fountain, movie theaters, dry cleaning, fabric elastic, bottle caps, cigarettes, electric chair, electrocardiogram (EKG), electroencephalogram, e-mail, subway, passenger elevator, encyclopedia, air brakes, internal combustion engine, jet engine, liquid-fueled rocket engine, steam engine, escalator, eyeglasses, fax, fiber optics, fiberglass, paper envelopes, photographic film, dynamite, adhesive glue, steel suspension bridge, Venetian blinds, portable flashlight battery, baggies, multiple vitamin, vacuum flask, food processor, freeze-dried foods, oxygen tank, frozen foods, magic markers, antifreeze, transistor radio, Fresnel lens, fuel cell, genetic engineering, tissue paper dress pattern, Geiger counter, “drive-through” window, glass, safety glass, greeting card, guillotine, electric guitar, chain saw, wire coat hanger, helicopter, holography, hypodermic syringe, fluoridation in vitro fertilization, ink, insulin extraction and preparation, integrated circuit, Internet, electric iron, food irradiation, jeans, JELLO-O, jukebox, Kevlar, Kool-Aid, laser, laundromat, gas-powered lawn mower, Lego, incandescent light bulb, fluorescent light bulb, light-emitting diode (LED), linoleum, tube lipstick, FedEx and UPS, liquid crystal display (LCD), lock and key, flip-top cans, chlorofluorocarbons (Freon), locomotive, longbow, GPS technology, soda pop, loudspeaker, voice mail, modern hang gliders, electric fence, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), margarine, friction matches, metric system, microphone, microscope, microwave oven and other applications, wet suit, American baseball, Google, weed eater, miniature golf, golf, glass mirror, guided missile, supermarkets, musket, mobile home, electrical tape, electric wire, paper money, refrigerated trucks, Monopoly board game, Morse code, heart transplant, electric motor, outboard motor, motorcycle, computer mouse, books (codex), Muzak, nail, necktie, neon light, compressed rubber, nuclear reactor, nylon, oil lamp, oil well, tinfoil, nail clippers, pacemaker, paper clip, paper towel, modern parachute, concentrated fruit drinks, parking meter, hearing aid, particle accelerator, mustard (ancient Rome) pasteurization, modern universities, central community electric utilities, ballpoint pen, pencil, periodic table, plastic, snerf balls, personal watercraft (motor boat), petroleum jelly, plastic garbage bag, phonograph, photocopying, photography, Wikipedia, bluegrass music, WD-40, instant photography, digital photography, human genome sequencing, alternating current applications, astro turf, direct current applications, Play Doh, steel plow, pocket watch, polyethylene, King James Bible, polygraph, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), Post-It Notes, potato chips, movable type, Prozac, radar, radio, car radio, symphony orchestra, rayon, psychology (ancient Egypt), naval jelly, modern psychology and psychoanalysis electric razor, safety razor, mechanical reaper, LP records, refrigerator, TV remote control, hot dog, respirator, Frisbee, catsup, revolver, Richter scale, assault rifle, republic, roller coaster, Big Bird and Sesame St. characters, vulcanized rubber, basketball, American football, rubber band, Facebook, saccharin, cattle prod, Teflon, riding saddle, safety pin, vacuum tubes, wax paper, flares, communication satellite, saxophone Scotch tape, car seat belt, sewing machine, anthropology (Aristotle), Mars and moon land rover, shoelaces, silicone, skateboard, ice skates, roller skates, tooth paste (Greeks), snow ski, steel-frame skyscraper, slot machine, snowmobile, soap, discount stores, carbonated soft drinks, sonar, postage stamps, windshield wipers, pickle, alternate speed windshield wipers, stapler, water treatment, steamboat, mass-produced steel, polyester, stainless steel, stereophonic sound recording, cloud seeding, stethoscope stock ticker, stock market, stocks, electric stove, gas stove, drinking straw, submarine, sunglasses, sunscreen, supermarket, music synthesizer, drywall, synthetic skin, military tank, tea bag, teddy bear, Teflon, telegraph, telephone, mobile telephone, telescope, television, thermometer, thermostat, threshing machine, pneumatic tire, rubber processing, tissue paper, toilet paper, flush toilet, tractor, transistor, traffic lights, typewriter, ultrasound imaging, vaccination, electric vacuum cleaner, Velcro, video game, video recorder, videotape, virtual reality, vision correction laser, electric washing machine, wheel, wheelchair, windmill, rickshaw, World Wide Web, digital wristwatch, X-ray, Zamboni, zipper, corn syrup and other corn derivatives, man on the moon, etc.

  2. No sane person will ignore the greatest contribution made by Europeans in the field of science. In fact, modern science and modern medicine have been entirely the creation of Europe. As I have said before, European mind is a scientific mind. Other cultures haven’t produced Newtons or Einsteins. At the same time, there are no Shankaracharya, Budhha or Jesus in Europe. They all came from non-European cultures. Other cultures seem to have an upper hand when it comes to philosophy, religion, moral values (again, driven by religion) etc.

    In my opinion, Europeans could would have achieved ten times more in science field if it wasn’t for the fall of roman empire and introduction of a new religion. It was the last nail on glorious Roman empire that produced so many brilliant minds. This new religion pushed the entire continent into 1000 year long darkness (dark ages). The amount of ignorance, anti-scientific views, intolerance, violence and xenophobia in the name of religion was astonishing. The European mind finally started realizing its true potential in 15th century when it started rebelling against this regressive, anti-scientific religion and its power structure. We all know what one Galileo Galilei had to face in 16th century!!!!What followed was one of the greatest scientific revolution that continues even today.

    On a different note, Europe has also been the evil force behind so much of destruction, violence, death, holocaust, genocide of so many different civilizations and cultures. While Europeans (read ‘Whites’) are high on scientific innovations, they score very low on trust. The amount of looting, crime and destruction in American continent (especially in South America) is such a shame. They are known for cultural imperialism and stealing resources all over the world.

    I think it is very important to keep this balanced perspective when we talk about any civilization. Unfortunately, characters like Steve King will only present one half of the equation and will never admit the other half. Again, this goes back to decency, honesty and trust. When you don’t have these qualities, there is no point in debating this topic.

  3. Just happen to notice something funny in the list provided above by one Roy. Not sure who actually compiled the list. Some of the items on this list (American Football, Basket Ball and Saxophone etc) makes you wonder if this genius is clueless or what!! Why would you list American Football and leave out Kabaddi and Chess from South Asian category? Saxophone??If so, what about mridanga or African drums? LOL

    Look – this highlights the real problem with this kind of discussion. As I already pointed out, there is no debate when it comes to ‘scientific contribution’ by Europeans. But when white racists and their minions get involved in these debates, they start listing everything as ‘white’ innovation while ignoring contributions from others. I am surprised to see that they didn’t list hot dogs, burgers, french fries and Pizza in the list. In the eyes of these racists, other cultures had no musical instruments, sports or cuisine. LOL

    • And RampaNNA, how could those racist masters leave out Indian ‘inventions’/feats such as:

      1. The world’s first 1st Test tube baby was born in Hastinapur.
      2. Ancient Indians flew interstellar ( to heck with intercontinental travel).
      3. The first head transplant was carried out in ancient India.
      4. Ancient Indians built the first aircraft.
      5. Dritharashtra watched ‘TV’.

    • Chess can be added to the South Asian list, Kabbadi is debatable since it is not played outside the subcontinent. Basketball is played and Saxophones are used by musicians all over the world, American football may not belong in the list. The list is of contributions that are used in all parts of the world.

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