Prasad compares Siddaramaiah to Brutus

Prasad compares Siddaramaiah to Brutus

Bengaluru: Comparing Siddaramaiah to Brutus, former minister V Srinivas Prasad said, “I would not have been hurt if anybody other than Siddaramaiah had conspired. When he had quit the JD(S), he was sinking like a Titanic ship. But for my support, he would not have survived.”

Prasad, who is considered a gentleman politician, said he wanted to retire from politics in a dignified manner. But Siddaramaiah had not allowed such an exit. “I am hurt. How can I spare the person who has humiliated me? Siddaramaiah has said that the next elections would be held under his leadership. If I have to get peace of mind, then I have to get him defeated. That is my goal,” he declared.

He said Mallikarjun Kharge let him down to make way for his son. Minister H C Mahadevappa is a carbon copy of Siddaramaiah, he said. “He is being controlled by the chief minister. Why discuss him? Can Mahadevappa and Mahadev Prasad (Minister) be more popular than me in Mysuru? Are they more experienced than me?” he said.

Prasad said Siddaramaiah is tainted because his name was sullied in the Hublot watch controversy and in the Arkavathi denotification case. “Siddaramaiah wore a Hublot watch worth Rs 80 lakh. Socialist Siddaramaiah, who introduced the Anna Bhagya scheme, claimed he had no idea of the price of the watch. Even a kid who buys a watch in a shandy will know the price,” he sarcastically said.

CM: Let people decideReacting to Srinivas Prasad’s statements, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said, “Srinivas Prasad has quit. What is there to talk now? Many of them have made public statements about defeating me in elections but they have not succeeded. Let the people decide,” he said.

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