Prayog: World’s first yoga suit launched

Mumbai, June 20 (IANS) With nations gearing for the world’s first International Yoga Day on Sunday to mark the importance of the ancient Indian practice, an Indian apparel brand has launched the world’s first true yoga wear. It’s specialty is that the synthetics never touch the skin and garments never compress the body.

Prayog, launched by the IKA Yoga Wear, has been designed after two years of extensive research and closely consulting yoga teachers, textile engineers and yoga practitioners from 11 nationalities.

According to the manufacturers, the yoga suit would be available for the sale from Sunday onwards, initially on online

“Today, more than 90 percent of the market consists of polyester and nylon products that are essentially plastic or PET fabrics which are not at all conducive to the practice of yoga. Prayog will help you focus on yoga practice instead of being distracted or irritated by the clothing,” said Malika Baruah, IKA Yoga Wear co-founder and product head, during the launch.

Currently, the manufacturers have set the price of the suit at Rs.1899 to Rs.3099 for tops and Rs.1899 to Rs.3899 for bottoms, depending on the styles.

Priyanktha Iyengar, co-founder and designer head, said: “Indian yogis traditionally wore natural, unstitched clothes which were neither too tight, nor too loose. We’ve tried to come as close to those fabrics and designs as possible. It is no coincidence that the world’s first specialised yoga wear brand is Indian.”

“Prayog is launching 12 styles this season, four of which will be entirely new to the western yoga world,” she said.

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