First Global Konkani Music Awards

Report: Violet Pereira
Photo: Rajesh Shetty and Violet Pereira, Team Mangalorean

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Mangalore, May 11:  The First Global Konkani Music Awards 2008 was held today, 10th May, 2009 at Kalangann. There were 5 categories and 3 final nominees from each category.

Ms. Usha Uthup (one of India's most dynamic and eminent singer), Most. Rev. Henry D’Souza (Bishop of Bellary) and all the other dignitaries were welcomed traditionally from the main entrance of the venue by the ever popular Harry’s band. 

Ms. Melita Pinto introduced Ms. Usha Uthup to the gathering while Mr. Poornanda Achary from Goa introduced Most. Rev. Henry D’Souza. Mr. Louis Pinto (President, Mandd Sobhann) honoured them both with floral bouquets.  

"Salkachi Pakli", a welcome dance, was performed by the Naach Sobhann troupe. Mr. Marian D’Souza, Pernal, Kuwait, the sponsor of the First Global Konkani Awards 2008 was honoured with a memento for his love and encouragement towards Konkani music. 

Naach Sobhann once again entertained the crowd with their foot tapping dance. The best female singer 2008 was declared by Marian D’Souza, and the winner was Ms. Akshanda Talaukar. Ms. Usha Uthup presented the bronze trophy and a cash prize of Rs. 25,000, sponsored by Mr. Marian L. D’Souza. Mr. Butto who came all the way from the U.S to attend this special and unique program performed fusion in flute.

The best male singer 2008 award was bagged by Mr. Lawry Tracasso from Goa. The best music composer 2008 award went to Mr. Dilip Kashinath Vaze from Goa. The best Lyricist 2008 award was bagged by Mr. Wilson Sequeira from Mangalore and the best Album 2008 went to Fr. Alwyn  &  Ashith Pinto for “Swadik Sobd”. All the winners received a sum of Rs. 25,000 cash and a bronze trophy each. The cash prize was sponsored by Marian L. D’Souza, Pernal, Kuwait. 

"Konkan Kogull" Shri Wilfy Rebimbus was conferred with "The Konkani Music Lifetime Achievement award", for his tremendous contribution towards Konkani music, from Mandd Sohbann. This award consisted of a gold medal, Rs. 1 lakh cash and a trophy which was handed over to Mr. Wilfy Rebimbus at his residence due to his ill health. Mr. Eric Ozerio (Gurkar, Mandd Sobhann), Mr. Louis Pinto (President, Mandd Sobhann), Rev. Henry D'Souza and other members of Mandd Sohbann visited his home personally to present the award to Mr. Wilfy Rebimbus.  

After the award ceremony, Ms. Usha Uthup addressed the gathering and said that she was truly happy at being a part of this ceremony. "This ceremony was started in a very traditional and simple way. Mangaloreans are popular for their humanity and simplicity. Each one of today’s organization is lovely and wonderful. This is just the beginning and I hope this will grow every year and you will carry the same tradition and encourage the youth to get involve more and more in the music world” she said.  She also recalled the music she heard from Ashwin Pinto and Joel Rebello and said that there was a need to encourage such youngsters who are really interested in music. Recalling her 40 years of involvement in music, she said, "I did not have any Godfathers to influence me in Hindi movies. I made up by myself by being me." She urged the youths to be "You and only you". She spoke in most of the languages and said Konkani is spread all around the globe. The Konkani people have created a healthy environment in gulf countries and they have retained their tradition, culture and mother tongue. She sang "Mathyak Phula Muja…." She also sang "I believe in music, I believe in love" and endeared herself to the audience.   

The program was compeered by Ms. Melita Pinto and Mr. Poorananda Acharya. 

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