Kuwait: Scintillating 'Sumadhur Saanz' show

Photographs by: Winston Alphonso
Report by: Mangalorean.com Team, Kuwait

Kuwait, Sept 23: If there's something called Cool Summer Day, it was this day when Kuwait Canara Welfare Association (KCWA) presented a gala Musical Evening "Sumadhur Saanz" at Masra Hawally Auditorium today. Glittered with cream of local superstars, the show stole the hearts of packed auditorium with their magnificent performance.

"Sumadhur Sannz" began at 5:00 p.m. with a welcome song presented by KCWA Managing Committee members. President Mr. Steven Machado then welcomed the huge gathering. In order to provide uninterrupted entertainment later, vote of thanks was presented immediately by Mr. Rudy D'Souza.

It was non-stop entertainment from thereon filled with delightful songs, hilarious jokes and dazzling dances. Breathtaking Konkani, Kannada, Tulu and Hindi songs were presented by Ms. Telma D'Souza, Mr. Rony D'Cunha, Mr. Gratian D'Souza, Mr. Jossy D'Cunha, Mr. Elwyn Mascarenhas, Ms. Jovita Fernandes, Ms. Lolita Rodrigues, Ms. Kavitha Noronha, Ms. Dillon Noronha, Ms. Renny Menezes, Mr. Nelson D'Souza, Ms. Sarita D'Souza, Ms. Rita D'Souza, Ms. Veena Serrao, Mr. Rudy D'Souza, Mr. Melwyn Serrao, Mr. Joe D'Souza and Mr. Lancy Rodrigues. Traditional 'Manddo' was very well presented by Mr. Joe D'Souza & Group.

In between the songs, it was time for some tummy tickling jokes performed by leading dramatists of Kuwait lead by Mr. Johnny Surathkal and very well supported by Mr. Jaison Lasrado, Mr. Anil Menezes, Mr. David D'Souza and Master Adly.

Favorite dancers of Kuwait, adults and children alike, also took part in the event. Leading dance groups like, Ballerines Entertainers (choreographed by Mr. Sudhi Frontierio), Jovas XLNC for Dance (choreographed by Mr. Sunil Noronha & Ms. Jyothi Colaco), Ocean Kids (choreographed by Mr. Rakesh Martis). Music crazy crowd were kept on their toes by scintillating music provided by budding music maestro Mr. Joyson D'Souza. Accompanying him were Mr. Melwyn Lobo, Mr. Kiran Gonsalves, Mr. Lloyd Colaco, Mr. Vincent D'Souza, Mr. Arnold Lobo and Mr. Munawar Khan.

The whole program was very well directed and co-coordinated by well known name in the field of entertainment in Kuwait Mr. Lancy Rodrigues, Bondel. Befitting stage setup was done by Mr. David D'Souza, Glittery Lighting by Mr. Anand D'Souza and Sound was provided by 'Spiders' (Randy & Ben). Mr. Steven Misquith ably handled the slide show depicting sponsors/co-sponsors/song sponsors all the time. Mr. Lancy Rodrigues and Ms. Jovita Fernandes were the enthralling comperes for the day. All the artists were presented with a memento on behalf of KCWA.

The program was sponsored by Ceasar's Group of Restaurants and Co-sponsored by M/s. Al-Ratath Est., M/s. Unilever Arabia, M/s. Sanbouk International Centre and Spinneys Confectionery & Canes Pastries.

True to its name "Sumadhur Saanz" was indeed Sumadhur and the house full audience were the witness for the same. Very well organized and presented, the show will remain in the hearts and minds of people for a long way. KCWA did a tremendous effort to put up the program and showcase the true Mangalorean talents of Kuwait.

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