Dubai: Bunts Sangha's Annual Get-together Held in Family Atmosphere

By Raj Kiran Rai, Team Mangalorean, Dubai

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Dubai, May 7:  Bunts Community members took part enthusiastically in the 37th annual get-together organized by the UAE BUNTS in the Jumeriah Ball room of Crown Plaza Hotel, Dubai on Friday, May 6 from 10.30 am to 6 pm.
The programme began with a Prayer dance in honour of Lord Ganesha and a welcome song by the Committee Members. Nutan Santhosh Shetty welcomed all the guests. Patron Dr.B.R.Shetty escorted all the Guests to the dais to the accompaniment of the traditional Tulunadu band. Patron Dr. B R Shetty along with other dignitaries lit the traditional lamp and inaugurated the get-together.

Shetty, addressing the gathering, said that the community had been lucky that the elders had preserved the culture and tradition of Tulunadu and the younger generation too continued it.  He stressed the need for more and more of community leaders. Towards this aim the youth should show more interest in community programmes and to take part to show their solidarity.  Sarvotham Shetty is a living example for the community and youth should follow in his footsteps, he added. Further he said that any service to the community should be backed by trust, dedication and exemplary conduct. He also recalled the contribution of Sarvotham Shetty and Ganesh Rai in keeping the Bunt community united.

The programme continued with a classical dance by Anusha and Aishwarya,  a Bollywood Mix dance by Dubai kids Choreographed by Ashwini P.Shetty and Pavana Shetty and  A5 magic dance by Dubai kids choreographed by Chetan Satish Shetty. The special attraction of the event was the Fashion show, Choreographed by Jayshri Shetty and Sandeep Shetty  Dubai.  The group from Abu Dhabi performed the Utsav dance choereographed by PAWAN.

A silent prayer was offered to the souls of May 2010 aircrash victims, Puttaparthi Sathya Sai Baba and also for the soul of B G Hegde. Editor in charge of Samparka,  Mr.Bhaskar Rai Kukkuvalli also spoke about Bunts route, culture and tradition.
Sharjah Bunt kids recalled the sweet memories of the late Vishnuvardhan and performed the dance 'Pata pata  gaali pata' and entertained the audience. Spot prizes given for the largest number of  bunt family members who were present during the programme.

Chief Co-Ordinator Mr.Sarvotham Shetty introduced the committee members to the gathering and New committee members were also chosen for the year 2012.

UAE BUNTS conferred the title of 'Bunta Vibhushana' on Mr.Bhakar Rai Kukkuvalli, a famous orator, writer, poet, critic, pravachanakar, TV anchor & Editor in chief of Samparka magazine from Manglaore. Shashidhar Shetty - Oman Bunts, Ravi Shetty, president, Qatar Bunts, Lokanath Shetty, president, Bunts Sangha, Bantwal, Mr.N.Satishchandra Shetty of Kuwait Bunts, Pradeep Shetty - Bahrain Bunts, Mahesh Hegde - Saudi Bunts were also honoured during felicitation programme.

Kiran and group enthralled the audience with their melodious voices during the lunch break, which was followed by spot games organised by Jayshree and Reshma Devesh Alva.  The 'Maximun foregin currency' spot game was won by Amarnath Shetty, 'Best fashion sari' was won by Rupa Shetty, 'Phone number ending in series' won by Sasvith Shetty and Rare date of birth of February 29 - by Nishal Shetty. Longest tress of hair had three contestants having a tie - among Ashiwarya Rai, Sahithya Shetty and Shilpa Shetty.
"Mayada Gulige" a skit performed  by Vishwanth Shetty was enthralled the audience. The most awaited folk dance competition "Bhagayda Balegra"  folk dance performed  by the Al Ain "Bhoothala Pandya" group won the first prize directed by Rajni Nagaraj Shetty.  "Buntara Siri Group" Kamsale dance (directed by Rajesh Kuthar Sharjah won the second prize and "Gollara Nrutya" "Abbaga Daraga Group" directed by Rajesh Kuthar Dubai won the third prize. Folk Dance "Agni" a story  related to Mantravadi by "Guthuda Gathu" Abu Dhabi Group directed by Pawan  and "Jeevanada Sobagu" "Agoli Manjanne Group  choreographed by Usha Jayant Shetty won the consolation prizes.

On the same occasion, Bunts Sangha honoured Shiva Kiran Shetty, Ankita Ramdas Bhandary, Pooja Rajesh shetty, Laxmi Mohan shetty, Nikhil Nityananda Shetty, Siddhant Satish Shetty and Krismitha Mahesh Hegde for their achievement in education and sports and programme compered by Sapna Gopal Shetty.
Another special attraction was the 'Fashion Show for the 40-plus' and the participants were the Dr.B R Shetty couple, Mahesh HEGDE couple, Ganesh Rai couple, Dayananda Shetty couple, Vasu Shetty couple, Shashidhar Alva couple, Premnath Shetty couple, Sarvotham Shetty couple, Jayaveera Rai couple, T M Shetty couple and Vinayakumar couple, Lokanath Shetty Couple who all walked the ramp and entertained the audience.

The first place was won by the Ganesh Rai couple and the second by Lokanath Shetty couple. The song 'Mokeda singari' won special attention and appreciation.  Sarvotham Shetty, Mani Manmohan Rai and Sampath Shetty compered  the programme.

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