Pump Repair Mission – Four Suffocate inside Well, Rescued

Pump Repair Mission – Four Suffocate inside Well, Rescued

Mulki: Four lives were saved in time after they suffered suffocation on account of shortage of oxygen deep inside a well in Attur Kapikad near here on Friday.

Muhammed Kunhi, a resident, found that the water pump fitted at the bottom of the well was not functioning and hence got fifty feet down to repair it. He began feeling suffocated at the bottom and called for help.


His sons Muneer and Abdul Nazeer also got down to rescue him but they too faced the same problem. A neighbour, Poovappa, also got down to assist them but had the same experience.

Efforts to bring them up continued without any success. The fire service had been informed in the meantime. They arrived and in a joint operation with the help of the Mulki police and other residents, all the four stranded in the well were brought up. Poovappa was the worst sufferer and he had to be hospitalized.

Mulki, Kinnigoli, Haleyangadi, Pakshikere and other towns have grown as densely populated pockets during the past two decades. There has been a long-standing demand for a fire brigade to be set up in Mulki to serve the areas.

It has been a constant complaint of the residents here that whenever there is any mishap, the fire unit from Mangaluru has to be called or in worse cases, from the MRPL.

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