Very Purpose Defeated – CCTV Camera Lifted from Kalladka House

Very Purpose Defeated – CCTV Camera Lifted from Kalladka House

Bantwal: Some time ago, there were communal skirmishes in Kalladka, which has been a sensitive area for decades.

The house of Hassan Bawa, residing by the road leading to near Shri Rama educational institutions, had been attacked during the disturbances. Hence, with the permission of the police, he had a CCTV camera installed in his yard.


CCTV cameras which had been installed elsewhere in town had helped the police to identify the trouble-makers on that occasion.

Ironically, the newly-installed camera in the yard of Hassan Bawa, valued at Rs 30,000, has gone missing since early Thursday around 2 am.

This was perhaps done to defeat the very purpose by miscreants so that no offences around that spot would be recorded henceforth.

However, the DVR of the camera has in part recorded the very act of its being taking away. The thieves had sticks and machetes in their hands.

But, since they had helmets on, their faces could not be identified. A case in this regard has been registered at the Bantwal police station.

In spite of a police posse being present in Kalladka all through the year, this theft has taken place. This has worried many residents.

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