Puttur: A Positive Look at Shutdown – Youth from Kodimbadi Do Something ‘Constructive’!

Puttur: When there were bad roads in the city, and even a curfew was enforced about a decade ago, people often wondered as to why the authorities would not take up repair work on such days, so that the public would not be inconvenienced and there would not be traffic hazards.


Some young men of Kodimbadi, a hamlet located between here and Uppinangady, did not grumble or curse those who organized the forced shutdown during the last two days.

Instead, they took it as a blessing in disguise. The pothole-ridden road to Uppinangady was already a constant irritant to not only the residents but also to motorists. The youngsters picked up shovels, pickaxes and other implements and filled the potholes with redstone pieces and earth fetched from around.

The step has given temporary relief. But given the forecast of rains in the coming days, their efforts could go literally down the drain.

In any case, it is an exemplary act, which should be emulated by those in other places. When the government agencies or elected representatives do not respond favourably, the answer is ‘do it yourself’.

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  1. Dear readers,

    I appreciate the young men of Kodimbadi,for this social service. This is the clear message for those ‘Jaddu’ popping Modi’s Namo supporters posing for the photoshoot for one day event.

    The ‘Ban’ and ‘Bandh’ culture need to be changed. This is the reason India lacks workaholic being brainpower to Japan and South Korea.

    God bless the Kodimabai youth for this unique service.

    Jai Hind

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