Puttur: Absence of Traffic during Road Work in Shiradi Allows Free Way to Wild Elephants

Puttur: As a ban on the movement of traffic for highway upgradation work on the Shiradi ghat road is in force, the only happy lot seems to be a large herd of elephants in the adjacent forests.

With no blinding high-beam headlamps, blaring horns and noise of human movement, the pachyderms appear to have got a fresh lease of freedom after a long time. During daytime the work progresses and they remain inside the forests.

Once it is dark, they begin their routine of a free march on the highway in search of food or to cross over to the forest on the other side of the road. Workers in road-laying live in scare and avoid staying in the area overnight.

What is worrying the regular users of the road is that once they elephants are used to these new routes and routines, they may appear regularly on the highway in the nights thus posing dangers to humans and traffic.

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