Puttur: Attempt on Rickshaw Driver’s Life by Engaging on Long and Remote Distance

Puttur: Rajesh Perigeri, who has been plying an autorickshaw in town, has filed a complaint at the rural police station at Sampya regarding an attempt on his life on Tuesday.

He is the convener of the local unit of Bajrang Dal. Two strangers are said to have approached him to engage his vehicle to go to Devasya. Since the gas level was low, Rajesh took it to a filling station in Nehru Nagar for a top-up.

The two persons then asked to be taken to a bar near the Manjalpadpu bypass and bought some liquor. As requested by them, he drove them to Devasya, where they told him to take them towards the Bulleri reserve forest road.

When they wanted him to take them through the Kukkupuni cross road, he refused to go any further.

Hearing this, they reportedly assaulted him. In the meantime, eight masked men arrived with wooden sticks and swords. Rajesh cleverly escaped from the assault and rushed back to town to file a complaint.

Although the motive for the attempt is not known, it is said to be linked with an RTI application which Rajesh had filed in connection with an earlier case.

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