Puttur: Chain-snatching Incidents on the Rise in Rural Locations

Puttur: Chain-snatching incidents which were frequently happening in city extensions are now happening more and more in rural places.

Two bike-riders snatched a gold chain from the neck of a woman pedestrian, who is the wife of a bus conductor, at Upparapalike in Kokkada village in the taluk on Saturday morning.

She was on her way from home for shopping. Just at a little distance from the house, the two men arrived in their bike and snatched her chain. When she screamed for help, as they were in a hurry, their bike fell to a side. But by the time passersby came to help her, they managed to escape. The chain got cut into two pieces and a half was left behind by them.

The police in Uppinangady and Nellyadi were informed. They began a hunt by checking all passing bikes. But there was no immediate success. They are gathering more leads to track them down.


A chain of incidents


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