Puttur: Entrepreneur Puneet Poojary (30) Dies of Snakebite at Wife’s House

Puttur: A tragic incident of a young entrepreneur having died of snakebite while on a visit to his wife’s parental home has been reported on Saturday.

Puneet (30), son of Narayana Poojary of Shekamale in Ariyadka near here, He had recently been to Tirupati and had arrived at his wife’s house in Kakkepadavu to share the prasad with her family.

While at her place, around 8 pm on Saturday, he went to visit the toilet. As the lamp at the passage outside was did not work, he set it right. As he walked across, a snake in the yard is said to have bitten him. He did not realize it first.

When it attacked the second time, he is said to have collapsed. He was rushed to a hospital in Puttur. But the toxic effect took its toll and he is said to have died on the way.

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