Puttur: Finally, Warning Siren Installed at River Crossing in Uppinangady

Puttur: The staff of the Neerakatte hydel plant had not implemented an order from the district administration to install a siren at the ferrying point near Shri Sahasralingeshwara temple in Uppinangady for over a year.

When the river water level is low, a large number of people try to swim in or cross the river. When excess water is suddenly released, the lives are put to danger. Therefore the hydel staff had been instructed to get a siren erected warn the public when the water was released every time.

The instructions issued last year had not been complied with, hence the matter had come up at a recent meeting of the district administration aimed at controlling rain-related damages.

At long last, a siren to warn the public accessing the river has been installed near the temple as the monsoon has set in.

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