Puttur: Fine of Rs 22,000 Levied from Lorry Driver for Damaging Street Lamp-post

Puttur: Sachin, the driver of a lorry, who rashly and negligently drove it on Friday night and rammed into a lamp-post at Darbe junction here, has been made to pay a fine of Rs 22,000 by the city municipal council.

The lamp-post, holding the sodium-vapour lamp, rolled to the ground on being hit by the lorry. Both the lamp and the post are beyond use now. The lamp-post was serving as a circle where there roads from Kaniyoor-Subrahmanya, Sullia and Mangaluru converged at Darbe.

The lamp-post came off the concrete pedestal laid to support it. The mishap took place in the night when there was hardly any human movement and traffic. Hence there was no damage or injury.

Traffic was held up for some time. After the arrival of the police, things came back to normal.

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