Puttur: High Court Stays Election of CMC Prez and VP Scheduled for March 10

Puttur: The state high court has granted a stay on the election of president and vice president of the Puttur city municipal council, which is scheduled to be held on March 10.

The 30-month tenure of the current president and vice president ends on March 10. The deputy commissioner had issued a notification appointing the Puttur revenue subdivision assistant commissioner as the election officer.

Reservation of the president’s post for the scheduled category and the vice president for general category had also been notified.

In the meantime, on charge of violating the party whip, former vice president Nellikatte Jagadish Shetty and six others’ council membership had been invalidated in the DC’s court.

This order was struck down by the high court, but the validity of their membership remained under contention.

Shetty filed a writ petition in the high court that their legitimate right to vote would be affected if the election was held on March 10.

Taking cognizance of it, the court has stayed the election scheduled for that date.

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