Puttur: Hindu Yuva Sena, a Non-political Outfit, Formed in Rural Savanoor

Puttur: There has been a feeling amongst a large number of Hindus that certain political forces claim to have a monopoly over their community.

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It is their opinion that such forces only boast of safeguarding the community’s interests, while in reality the aim is to gain a political benefit for themselves.

This undercurrent is quite strong in rural centres. Now a new outfit, professing to hold no allegiance to any political party or ideology at all, has come into existence in Savanoor, a remote but fast-developing education centre in the taluk.

At a meeting of like-minded individuals held in the Vinayaka auditorium, it was decided to launch the Hindu Yuva Sena, with an avowed objective of serving the Hindu community, while remaining apolitical.

The following office-bearers were elected.

Honorary president: Girishankar Sulaya
President: Prajwal Rai Pataje
Vice president: Prashant
General secretary: E V Rajendra Prasad Idyadi
Treasurers: Yatindra Shetty
Advisers: Dinesh Medu and Chennappa Gowda Nooji
Secretary for religious matters: Dilip Hegde Neroltadka
Secretary for service matters: Satish Angadimoole
Sports secretary: Harish Areltadi
Education secretary: Shashi Kerekochi

Besides, as many as 85 members were drafted into the executive committee.

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