Puttur: Karvelu Resident Walks out of Jail, Gets into Trouble with Rampage Same Day!

Puttur: Habits die hard. At the same time, in the case of the inmates of jail, the confined life behind bars can have adverse effects on their psyche. It is for this purpose that many social workers advocate humane and reformative treatment of jailbirds.

Ganesh, hailing from Karvelu near Uppinangady, had created a ruckus around Uppinangady a few months ago. He had also assaulted his own mother and got arrested.

He had been lodged in jail and was released on Saturday. The very same day, he arrived in Karvelu and perhaps decided to celebrate his freedom.

He walked into a liquor shop and is said to have drunk to his heart’s content. Then, in a drunken stupor, got into a shop belonging to one Ismail and began damaging things around. He also damaged the glass of a showcase by throwing soda bottles.

What made him target that shop in particular is not known. A case has been registered at the Uppinangady police station.

In all likelihood, he should be landing back in the jail, which has been his place of stay for a few months.

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