Puttur: Kudos to Cops! Boy who Strayed away from Home Traced in Just 4 Hours

Puttur: A boy who left home for school and did not return home was traced by the town police in a quick and efficient operation.

The 15-year-old – whose identity has been withheld to protect privacy – had not come home from school. Around 5-30 pm, he, using a different mobile phone, told the parents that he would not return home and also asked them not to look for him.

When the parents went to school and enquired they were shocked to hear that the boy had not come to the school that day at all.

His being minor and the call having come from a different mobile phone worried the parents with the thought of a possible case of abduction.

Hence they complained at the town police station here. Inspector Mahesh Prasad and PSI Abdul Khader gathered from the microwave tower signals that the boy was on his way to Bengaluru.

They obtained from KSRTC Puttur depot manager Jaishant details of all buses that had left Mangaluru for Bengaluru.

Then they contacted the conductor of Airavat bus on the Mangaluru-Bengaluru-Chennai route and found that the boy was indeed on board.

As the bus reached Bengaluru, a few relatives took custody of the boy and brought him home here. The parents brought him to the police station to complete the formalities.

This proves that if the police work with a single-minded zeal, any case can be cracked.

At the same time, the public have a tendency to criticize the force when cases remain unsolved. When a good job is done, they should be appreciated, according to some citizens here.

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