Puttur: Kumaradhara and Hosmath Bridges Go under Water Causing Hardships

Puttur: The submersion of the two vital bridges in the southeastern part of the distrct – Kumaradhara near Subrahmanya and Hosmath across Gundya river – is almost an annual ritual, happening repeatedly in the rainy season.

This year, this happened quite early in the season. Heavy downpour in the western ghat ranges and regions around Subrahmanya over the past few days has caused the rivers to go in full spate.

As a result, the Kumaradhara bridge was submerged in the flood water, which blocked the traffic for long hours. Hundreds of pilgrims arriving at Shri Kukke Subrahmanya temple or on their way to Dharmasthala were stranded on either side of the bridge. Police and homeguard personnel provided security and ensured law and order.

Traffic on the Mangaluru-Subrahmanya highway was at at standstill for about 6 hours. The bathing ghat had totally under submerged and water had entered nearby petty shops also. Water subsided around 2-30 pm and the traffic could move thereafter. Attendance in schools was very low.

The woes of the people in the region are likely to continue for a few years. Construction of a new bridge at a higher level is in progress, with only five pillars erected. But on the other end, it has hit a roadblock as the department of forests is yet to give a clearance.

Streams and rivulets in low-lying areas in Sullia taluk like Bilinele, Yenekal, Nintikal, Harihara Pallatadka, Kollamogaru, Kalmakaru, Guttigar, Panja, Balpa and other villages are flowing in full force.

The story was the same at the Hosmath bridge. Overnight rains since Thursday caused it to go under water in the early hours of Friday. This too happened in quite an early stage of the rainy season. Traffic was blocked for a few hours.

However, the water level subsided by afternoon bringing much relief to residents and pilgrims commuting between Subrahmanya and Dharmasthala. Here too the police are keeping a vigil to prevent human injury or casualties.

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