Puttur: Man’s Escape from Bus at Uppinangady Shrouded in Suspense

Puttur: Mystery surrounds a curious incident in which an unidentified young man got off a bus in a huff in Uppinangady around noon on Tuesday and escaped without any explainable reasons.

He had earlier boarded the KSRTC bus at Uppinangady bus stand and bought a ticket to Kadaba. The bus had covered only a short distance and as it reached the Aditya hotel bus stop, he asked the driver to stop the bus. Before the bus could even stop, he is said to have bitten the conductor’s hand and jumped off the bus.

He is said to have escaped on the road leading to the college and vanished. The staff and passengers of the bus said that he was in a drunken state. But while running away, his valuables fell from his hand and pocket on the road and were left behind by him.

They included an expensive mobile phone, a few gold ornaments in a case and some money. The police were informed. They arrived and took the things into custody.

His identity was not available. There is a suspicion that he could be a petty thief and the things he left behind could be stolen goods.

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  1. It gives me chuckles to see how this incident would have given enough material to folks from sleepy town of Uppinangady to engage in gossip talks all day!! smiles… After all, we all need a little bit of excitement, right?

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