Puttur: Monkey Tricks in School – Simian that Attacked 3 Students Captured at Last!

Puttur: Wild animals have been in the news in the past few years. An elephant destroying a school compound wall in Kodagu, a leopard straying into an elite school in Bengaluru and other incidents of its kind have, in a lighter vein, made people to wonder if they had not come to seek education.

For the last four days, a monkey, having camped firmly on the premises, had been troubling the students of the Government Model Higher Primary School in Uppinangady.


Its movements were erratic and it would appear in different places at different times.

On Thursday, it had attacked two students and injured them with scratches. On Friday, as another student was entering the school, the same monkey, which was sitting on a coconut tree, jumped on him, bit his hand and injured him.

The worried parents and others gathered in school compound on Friday and worked out plans to catch the culprit. The monkey was very slippery and elusive.

A couple of persons well-versed with animal behaviour laid a snare with bananas placed in it.

The clever animal was tempted by the bananas and came close a few time but ran away when spotting the rope. After repeated attempts, it got ensnared by Friday noon, which gave a big relief to the students and their parents.

Forest personnel also had joined the operation. Education officials, who too monitored the situation and the capture operation, have assured to take care of the medical expenses of the affected children.

Parents are concerned about a possible rabies effect from the bites and scratches.

(WhatsApp pic contributed by a reader)

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