Puttur: Passport Found Lying around – Owner Requested to Contact Town Police

Puttur: A passport is a precious document and if it is lost the holder will have to undergo a lot of hardships like reporting the loss to the police and getting a duplicate one.

There is a risk as well in that if it lands into wrong hands, it could be tampered with and misused. But these days, in the age of computerization, doctoring a passport could be a pretty difficult thing to do.

A citizen from here, while walking near the police station here, found a passport lying around. Luckily for the holder, he immediately handed it over to the town police.

On verification, the police found the name of the holder to be Yatish, son of Babu, of Padadka in Kabaka village on the outskirts.

No complaint of loss has yet been received by the police. They have asked the holder to collect the passport on proper identification.

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