Puttur: ‘Saas-bahu’ Conflict in Jidekallu Ends up in Both Landing in Hospital

Puttur: The conflicts between mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law have been traditionally going on.

Modern-day teleserials have been glorifying this theme to the point of disgust. The producers might argue that what they depict is true to life, but the majority of the society entertains the thought it is these serials which create the conflict and encourage the in-laws to be at loggerheads always.

A similar rift was brewing in the household of Manjunath in Jidekallu in Chikkamudnur village. The matter reached its peak on Thursday with both his mother and wife alleged of assault on each other and got admitted to hospitals.

Daughter-in-law Shalini’s version is that having felt dismayed and disgusted with mother-in-law Yamuna’s ill-treatment, she and her husband Manjunath had left the house and begun living separately in a hutment next door for some time.

Yamuna, accompanied by her elder sisters Kalyani and Tangu, besides daughters Sujata and Babita, came there and assaulted her (Shalini) with footwear and hands, alleges Shalini.

In a countercomplaint, Yamuna has alleged that when she was on her way back from a nearby shrine on the occasion of a festival, Shalini came from behind, dragged her mangalsutra and hit her with footwear.

A neighbour commented that it was for Ektaa Kapoor to decide if it was a real-life drama inspired by the serials or it was a case of her serials having instigated the in-laws to pick up fights or to scheme against each other.

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