Puttur: School-teacher Pushed into Ditch, Gold Chain Snatched at Kanchana Bajattur

Puttur: Jayalakshmi (27), daughter of Jinnappa Gowda of Kutyadka in Nidle village of Beltangady, taluk was a victim of chain-snatching on Tuesday, Oct 6.

She teaches in a school in Kanchana of Bajattur village of Puttur taluk. After classes, on her way home, she had to pass through a secluded place near the rubber factory in Kanchana.

Two youngsters arrived in a bike and stopped near her. The pillion-rider pushed Jayalakshmi into a nearby ditch and snatched her sovereign-worth chain from her neck. Threatening to kill her by stabbing, they demanded a pair of gold earrings she wore.

As she was complying to their demand, a school bus arrived. The culprits escaped without any success with the earrings.

Those in the bus attended to her. She said that one of the bike-riders was a stranger while the other could not be identified because he wore a helmet. She managed to note down the number of the bike, but it is suspected that it could be a fake plate, as it often happens in thefts.

Puttur DySP Bhaskar Rai and his team visited the spot and registered a case.

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