Puttur: Senior Man on Visit to Son’s House Falls into Unprotected Well and Dies

Puttur: Krishna Bhat (70), hailing from Arama of Kanchana died of falling into an unprotected well in Tirle Konalu in Golitottu village on Sunday night.

He had just arrived earlier in the evening to the rented house of his son to pay him a visit. Around 8 pm, he left the house to buy some eatables for his grandson but did not return.

His son’s family searched for him throughout the night but he was not found. On Monday morning, passersby spotted a pair of footwear and a cigarette lighter floating in an open well inside a farm on the way. The fire brigade was called and they traced his body deep in water.

He is thought to have slipped and fallen into the well in the dark. A case has been registered at the Uppinangady police station.

He is survived by wife and two sons.

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