Puttur: Six Including Cop Injured in Dog-bite – Public Batter Aggressive Animal to Death

Puttur: Six persons became targets of a street-dog, suspected to be a mad one, near the police station on Saturday. The incident happened near the police station in the heart of the town.

The victims were Vaibhav (15) of Vittal, Ibrahim (35) of Nanilakodi in Bantwal, Mahesh (33), a police constable, Sharada (65) of Bappalige, Shobha (24) of Bullerikatte and Gulabi Rai (70) of Karnur of Nettanige Mudnur. They were all treated with rabies shots in the government hospital and sent home.

The dop appeared to be in an enraged and vicious mood. The municipal workers arrived to catch it to prevent further injuries to others. But in the meantime, the public had already battered it to death.

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