Puttur: Supreet Rai (35) Dies as Car in Reverse Mode from Home Rolls into Tank

Puttur: Supreet Rai (35), son of Amaranath Rai of Nettanige Baja located in the periphery of Kerala boundary with the taluk, died in tragic circumstances on Friday.

He, accompanied by his brother Guruprasad, was in his car. As he was taking his vehicle out in reverse mode, it landed into an unprotected tank with deep water located at about 15 metres from the house.

On hearing about it, neighbours ran their rescue. While Guruprasad was saved, it took time to get Supreet out of the car. He was rushed to a hospital in a serious condition. But he died on the way.

The Brahmakalashotsava and Nemotsava were to take place in the family’s shrine on Jan 23 and he was busy making preparations for it. At this stage, the shock has hit the family.

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